Our goal here at Schnabel Editing is elevating writing to its highest potential.

Publishing a book is easier than ever before. With the rise of self-publishing, books have flooded the marketplace. In order to make your book stand out from the crowd, your book has to be better than the rest. A huge part of that is the quality of your writing. Here at Schnabel Editing, we do our best to make your writing the best it can be. Not only will this help you avoid negative reviews, our services will help you make your manuscript something you are proud to show the world.

Schnabel Editing started small. It all started as a favor to Dakota Krout, the author of the Divine Dungeon series. Since that point, Schnabel Editing has expanded to a full-fledged editing service available to the public. We still specialize in LitRPG, but we are open to anything written in English.